Chapter 1 is currently being written will be out soon!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

The uss challenger was first deployed as a scout ship untill the outbreak of the dominion war. Starfleet needed all avaliable ships and the challenger was no exception.  She was recalled from her scientific mission in the ceti alpha system to be refit into a ship which would lead a small assualt fleet into the betazed system and begin the battle of betazed.  Under its new captain young Thomas Revis the youngest captain in starfleet history this ship defied all odds and played a major role in the Dominion war.


Commanding Officer: Captain Thomas Revis 

First Officer: Commander T'ler 

Cheif Engineer: Commander Joseph Sevich

Cheif Medical Officer: Commander Trisha Furst

Tactical/Security Officer: Lt. Commander Kyle Deron 

Helmsman: Lt. Sevras Degra 

Operations Officer: Ensign Jarome Masterson 

Science Officer: Ensign Kurt Teemus 

Navigation Officer: Lt. Sarah Minger

Ship Specs: (chapter 1)

Propulsion: Warp Drive (warp 9.9985), Impulse drive, Thrusters 

Weapons: 25 phaser banks, Photon Torpedoes,

Defenses: Shields, Polerized Hull plating 

Shuttle Craft: 3 type 9 shuttle craft, 1 modified shuttlecraft (Uss Lust)



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